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St. Catherine's CE Primary School

St. Catherine's CE Primary School
In God's Love, Together We Flourish


Equal attention is given to pupils becoming numerate.  Children are taught mathematics  through a range of appropriate experiences.

At St Catherine’s, through an alliance with Maths Hubs and research that includes NCETM materials, we have embarked on a mastery approach: a set of principles and beliefs. The NCETM: Teaching for Mastery 2015 states that this:

‘…includes belief that all pupils are capable of understanding and doing mathematics, given sufficient time. Pupils are neither ‘born with the maths gene’ nor ‘just no good at maths’. With good teaching, appropriate resources, effort and a ‘can do’ attitude all children can achieve in and enjoy mathematics.’ (NCTEM: Teaching for Mastery 2015)

We understand that teaching for mastery means that a class works together on the same topic, providing all pupils with the opportunity to master the curriculum and for some to gain greater depth of proficiency and understanding. Mastery is not just being able to memorise key facts and procedures and answer test questions accurately and quickly. It involves knowing ‘why’ as well as knowing ‘that’ and knowing ‘how’. It means being able to use one’s knowledge appropriately, flexibly and creatively and to apply it in new and unfamiliar situations. Rather than accelerating into new mathematical content, children are challenged through a deeper understanding of the same content (mastery in greater depth).

In order to achieve our aim to ensure that learning is sufficiently embedded and sustainable over time, teaching is clearly focused during our daily hour long lesson.



Maths No Problem

Here at St Catherine’s from Years 1 to 5 we use Maths No Problem to enable children to master maths skills.  In reception we follow White Rose maths which provides a solid foundation  for children moving into KS1 and Maths No Problem. Year 6 also follow White Rose.

Maths No problem is based on the research and lesson approaches used in Singapore.

To find out some more about the fundamental idea behind the structure as well some great videos demonstrating the approach to calculations please follow the link


 White Rose Maths