Seeds and Gardeners

St. Catherine’s has a ‘Seeds and Gardeners’ project where a reception child (the seed) will be linked to one of our year 6 pupils (the gardeners). Gardeners will act as a buddy to their seed, helping them find their way around school in the first few days and weeks,  sit with them at lunchtimes until they feel more confident. Each seed will see their gardener in and around school quite often for the first term and in this way we hope to help nurture each child so that they blossom and shine. Each seed receives a letter from their gardener in the summer term, prior to them starting school, which includes a photograph of the gardener and some information about themselves. The seed gets to meet their gardener in the settling in sessions later on in the summer term. 

As time goes on, the seed will see their gardner less, although the friendship will still exist. Gardners and seeds walk up to church together, see each other around school and often exchange Christmas and birthday cards. 

The project is very successful and is spoken about with much affection by all those involved.