At St. Catherine's we believe that reading, sharing and enjoying books is a key part in developing a lifelong love of reading in children. 

Research shows that reading to a young child is the single most important thing you can do to help your child's education.

Spending just 10 minutes of focused reading time a day can make a world of difference. 

Children will bring home reading books from school as soon as they start in reception. We ask for parental support in listening to their child read, asking questions about their understanding of what they read reading alongside and sharing favourite books


You can use our parent guides to help you with this as well as the fiction/non-fiction bookmark your child will also bring home. 

Have a look at our parental guides below to help support you in

reading with your child at home. 


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Infant Reading Guide

Junior Reading Guide

Book Bands

The book band system we use at St. Catherine's is designed to help us grade our reading books. We use a rich mixture of reading scheme and 'real' books.