Absence in Term Time

Absences in term time will affect your child’s schooling and we expect parents to help us by not taking children out of school in term time.

There is a clear link between regular attendance and achievement. As attendance deteriorates so will performance and achievement.

The school holiday dates are published each year in advance and parents/carers should book their family holidays during school holidays.

St. Catherine’s CE Primary will not grant permission for leave of absence other than in ‘special’ or ‘exceptional’ circumstances. There is no automatic entitlement in law to time off in school time to go on holiday. All applications for leave must be made in advance using the Leave of Absence Request Form. In making a decision the school will consider the circumstances of each application individually, including any previous pattern of leave in term time.

Any period of leave taken without the agreement of the school, or in excess of that agreed, will be classed as unauthorised. The matter will then be passed to the Education Social Worker / Early Intervention Team with a request that a Penalty Notice is considered. Failure to pay will normally lead to prosecution.


Attendance Policy and Absence Request