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Monday 14th April

Today we have been reading and performing poetry by Ian Serraillier. We have looked at how he uses imagery, suspense and other language effects to capture the spooky elements. We have had a lot of fun with this today and hope to record our efforts soon. Please make sure that you visit our class pages soon.

Josh G and Olivia W



Friday 28th February

We are all busy putting the finishing touches to our radio advertisements using audioboo. We will be outing  our work on the website later today. Please visit us and leave us some comments about what we have done..

Matthew and Mia


Wednesday 22nd January 2014

We have just finished our first drafts of our writing using flashbacks. We hope to have our finished stories on the Year 6 section of the website soon. In the mean time, we are going to produce a final, neat copy of our writing and use audioboo to record our stories.

Mia and  Josh


Friday 6th December 203

Today we have finished our puppets. The children have worked hard at using different finishing techniques to make their puppets look fabulous. Pictures and evaluations to follow next week on the web page . A very busy week!

Mr Rigby


Monday 2nd December 2013

Today we started to plan the designs for our string puppets. We looked on the internet with a partner to see what we wanted to make, then we printed off five or six pictures of whatever we wanted, after that we drew our chosen design. We then cut out little squares of material for when we were doing the making of our puppets that we wanted to use and stuck them on a peice of paper as samples. We wrote down what material we wanted to use that we didn't allready have on a list.

Some of us were working with Danny the artist all day in the resource area.

Mia & Millie


Wednesday 21st November 2013

Today we started to write our final drafts of our character profiles so that we can send them to Berlie Doherty. We wrote a chapter of Street child called The Stickman, from the  point of veiw  of ether Jim, Emily, Mum or Mr Spinks.  Our final copies will be online soon

Skye and Lola



Thursday 24th October 2013

Today in maths we explored properties of 2D shapes and investigated formulars for perimeter.

In our Literacy lesson we have used to record our final draft of our mystery stories.

Joshua G and Jessica



Friday 18th October 2013

Today we had a poet into our school called Paul Cookson. He performed some very funny poems for us in school and worked with our class. We looked at writing some funny poems, as well as looking at writing a poem linked to our mystery stories that we are on going with. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed Paul's workshop. Here are some pictures of him working with our class.


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