Victorian Working Children.

As part of their topic about the Victorians, Year 6 have been using their research skills to write a non chronological report about what life would have been like as a poor Victorian working child.


The children gathered their information from using the internet and other information sources and then used their writing skills to create their reports. Their learning objective was to use precise and technical vocabulary for their .

 Below are examples of the children completing their writing their final drafts.


Please click on the image below to view a sample page. Please feel free to leave the children some feedback using the form below - I know they will love to hear from you.


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andy y6(a couple of years ago)

they are lovely it took me a while to read them i am also in y6 and i am working on a victorian project as well and you have helped me a lot so thank you

Adam(a couple of years ago)

Wow year6 these are very informative also I have learnt lots from them.Your presentation and drawing skills were very imaginative and creatable

Mr James Hargreaves, Wigan(a couple of years ago)

My grand child was searching for some ideas for her homework and read your fantastic reports. We were both really interested and moved by your writing . All my family were miners , a lot of my ancestors worked at Bickershaw, Astley, Tyldesley, Blackrod and Pretoria pits. I was a miner and worked for the National Coal Board at Bickershaw. Did you know that after the Factories Act that Lord Shaftesbury brought in, many children were replaced by pit ponies to haul the coal down in the mine shafts, however some parents lied about their childs age because they were so poor, so you would still get children 6 year old working as Trappers or Drawers. I know how hard it was for me when I worked in the mine at Bickershaw with modern tools, but to think a hundred years before me what the children had to do down there with primitive pick axes and dangerous working conditions is truly sad. Have a look at if your teacher will let you. Lots of reports about how accidents were common at the Bickershaw pit in Victorian times. This might put all your work in context.

Paul Hardwick - Great Naseby CE Primary(a couple of years ago)

Hello year 6. Great work. Very informative reports and lovely presentation; it is nice to see how much you truly value your writing - you must have a very proud (and talented) teacher. I wish my year 6's could write as well as you! I think I will show your writing as an example of good structure and excellent vocabulary. Would be great to se more. I will show my class and maybe let them give you some feed back. Well done everyone.

Mrs Gillian Southworth(a couple of years ago)

Weill done Year 6. I am a teacher at Colchester Royal Grammar School and came across your writing when searching the internet for examples of non fiction writing for my Year 8 pupils. Lovely work from everyone. It is really hard to believe that Victorian working children suffered as much as they did without anyone really caring! I love the language you use - very detailed in places. I like the way you have illustrated too. I have many favourites (which I will be showing to my Year 8 pupils on Monday). Luke - very detailed language - you really depict well your viewpoint, as does Niamh, Shae, Lola and Lucie. Josh G - what immaculate handwriting! Maybe it would be nice for you to do a photostory of your work? I know you are all very busy, but just a thought. Fabulous effort everyone.

Claire Hardman(a couple of years ago)

Wow, Y6! These reports are very informative and I have learnt lots from them. Your presentation and drawing skills are amazing!

Mrs G(a couple of years ago)

It's difficult for us to realise how awful children's lives were and yet it wasn't considered cruel at all. Thank goodness times have changed.

Mr James Wood, Pinacre Primary School, Essex(a couple of years ago)

I would like to congratulate you all, Year 6 on your fantastic writing. My Great Grandfather worked as a 'Trapper' at Bickershaw Colliery near Wigan, so I was very interested to read your brilliant reports about these poor Victorian children who had no choice but to work in the terrible conditions that you describe. My Year 5 children are also learning about the Victorians and I have to say I will definitely be showing them your report. Lovely presentation and handwriting too! I'm very impressed and I,m sure that your teacher is too! Keep up your fantastic work! Mr Wood

Miss L Hewitt(a couple of years ago)

I have learnt lots of interesting things from reading these. I like your illustrations and you all have very neat handwriting. Well done to you all :)

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