Animal Adverts

In our Literacy (Persuasive writing) and ICT, we have been writing and creating advertisements to save a rainforest animal. We have analysed TV and newspaper adverts and looked at how emotional, as well as persuasive languge is used to inform an audience. We researched animal facts and then included this in our first draft ideas.


We initially wrote our draft adverts on  WORD, using descriptive, factual and emotive lanaguge. After proof reading and editing our text, we transfered this onto a story board, ready to use iMovie, Photostory and Moviemaker. Look at us in action as we prepare for making our advertisements. Our movie clips are below.

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Creating a Video Advertisement

we used iMovie, Moviemaker and Photostory to help us create our adverts. After watching and analysing different advertisement campaigns, we up levelled our language to no only persuade our viewer, but also to tug at their emotions. We learnt to use different visual effects, upload and crop music, as well as understand the importance of getting our message across clearly to our intended audience. 

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Luke and Aiden

Annabell and Shae

Josh and John

Niamh and Lucie

Imogen and Mia

Josh G and Ciaran

Skye and Matthew


Lola and Natalie

Hannah and Millie

Nikkita, Olivia

If you liked watching our videos, why not stop by and listen to our radio adverts on the next page. Go to the Year 6 tab, scroll down and the radio adverts are next to our animal advert tab. We hope you have enjoyed  viewing our literacy/ICT work. Please leave us a comment. Thank you. Year 6.


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Molly(a couple of years ago)

I really love your work. Well done.

Blanka .C.(a couple of years ago)

WOW. Each of these adverts sound absalutely amazing. It makes everyone realise what realy happens to the suffering animals. Well done!

Will Hardman(a couple of years ago)

These adverts are very thought provoking and it makes you want to save the animals from their plight of survival. Very good work, well done!

Lola's mum(a couple of years ago)

Well done y6 their are some wonderful adverts here. They all sound fab!

Mr Farrah St Bees School, Cornwall(a couple of years ago)

Well done Y6. Exceptional effort from all of you. Your work is very professional and your written/spoken language skills are amazing. I an also teaching the rainforest to my Y5 class and I will definitely be showing them your work. It may be an idea to see if your teacher will let you send some examples to WWF and see if they would show your work on their website? It is worth a try. Keep up your efforts.

Denise Nelson (Niamh's Grandma)(a couple of years ago)

Wow! What amazing work Year 6! I am really impressed with the standard of work you are producing. It is an amazing idea to raise awreness of the horrors these poor animals are going through. Your teacher must be very proud. Well done!

Mrs Williams, RCGS, Colchester(a couple of years ago)

What amazing adverts Year 6. These clearly show your understanding of persuasive and emotional language and your use of ICT. The music and the voice overs are truly fantastic and very professional! Lucie and Niamh, your advert made me shed a tear, as did yours Lola. You all drove home how these poor animals are suffering because of human need and we do forget about this whilst busy with our daily lives. An excellent effort by all of you - you must be very proud of your efforts. You clearly have an inspirational teacher! Well done.

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